Call me needy, but I’m looking for an upgrade when it comes to customer loyalty. I’m not looking for it to just be prettier or faster and I don’t need it to be on an app. I’m not even unhappy with the current loyalty programs I’m enrolled in. To be honest, I’m a little detached from them and their offerings. I’m not fully active on most and only really signed up for the offer that was on offer that day. You could say I’m looking for love, not like, when it comes to committing to brands. So now I’ve saved all my points up and I am ready take the next step in loyalty, and I’m ready for brands who are going to give me that meaningful, long-lasting, sweep me off my feet kind of feeling. Read more

So here I am, 8 weeks into my new role with Motivait. Those of you who know me well will know that being in a great team is very important. And what a great team of people I have joined! Occupational Psychologists, technical specialists, marketers, business developers, user experience specialists, business leaders… a broad mix of skills and experience but the combined passion of my colleagues is breath-taking. Read more