So here I am, 8 weeks into my new role with Motivait. Those of you who know me well will know that being in a great team is very important. And what a great team of people I have joined! Occupational Psychologists, technical specialists, marketers, business developers, user experience specialists, business leaders… a broad mix of skills and experience but the combined passion of my colleagues is breath-taking. I came into this business energised and ready to embrace the new opportunity and in 8 weeks, I have been immersed in the world of “engagement”, finding it hugely stimulating and highly topical.

Engagement is indeed a broad subject and many factors can influence it, especially when reviewing the state of engagement in the workplace. But importantly, it’s not just about surveys and completion rates, it’s not just offering discounts and rewards for repeat custom, it’s not just providing free tea and coffee for staff, or having a poster with a mission statement and a set of values on the wall. These might have some effect on the environment but are likely to be short lived. What we need to do is create an experience that is compelling and enjoyable and builds that emotional or psychological attachment to an organisation, a product, an event, a brand, or an idea that creates long term benefit and association for all involved. The key to this is unlocking the intrinsic motivators in people- the motivators that make people do things because they want to, not simply because they have to. We’re looking for that trigger from within that makes people contribute more than they are expected, when they are proud to be associated with something, because they want to help achieve the bigger goal and be part of that.

So what is causing this flurry of interest in engagement?

It is becoming clearer that in today’s world, full of digital distractions and emerging workforces equipped with developing values, we need a different approach when it comes to driving and enhancing performance. Our mission, here at Motivait, is to create bespoke technology solutions that address specific business challenges and trigger meaningful, sustainable behavioural change to deliver tangible results for organisations. Whether that’s influencing loyalty, advocacy and feedback amongst customers, employees or member groups; enabling innovation, participation and collaboration in the design and delivery of products and services; stimulating interest and commitment in the learning and development process; the recruitment, development and retention of employees and customers or improving the overall customer or employee journey, these are all areas of huge opportunity to make the experience more compelling, fulfilling and valued over the longer term.

So what I am doing here? I am really excited with our proposition, can see huge opportunity in what we do and I want to play my part in building our presence in the market. I have a particular focus on employee engagement so I am meeting lots of people, exploring the challenges they face and looking for opportunities where we can help unlock the potential that our solutions can satisfy.