How can digital tools enhance the employee experience?

In today’s digital environment, employees search for convenience, flexibility, and seamless experiences.

At Motivait, we recognise the growing importance of harnessing digital tools to enhance the employee journey. By investing in the right technology solution that integrates easily with existing work routines and other technologies, your company can create a workplace where employees want to learn, perform, develop and reach their full potential.

Did you know…

Blended Learning

67% of employees want regular digital training to improve their skills

Boost Engagement

Gamification alone can boost learner engagement by up to 60%


Investment in employee learning and development boosts retention by 94%

It can be frustrating taking the time to set up learning and development initiatives to then see little take up or lukewarm feedback from employees. A recurring challenge associated with e-learning is the abrupt decline in engagement after the initial registration and expression of interest.

By integrating digital learning solutions into your employee training programmes, you’re investing in the growth of your organisation. Our solutions foster continuous learning and development, allowing your people to acquire new skills and knowledge that directly translate into improved performance and enhanced outcomes for your company.

Imagine your employees fully immersed in simulations, game-like experiences, or compelling pathways adapted to different learning or time needs.

Our approach ensures that learning is accessible to all, enabling your team members to acquire new skills, make mistakes, and grow in a safe and supportive environment. Empower your workforce with the tools they need to excel and watch their performance and potential soar.

At Motivait we design and develop digital learning solutions built to meet your specific needs and objectives, and designed to be readily adopted by your audiences.

Want to know how?

Tailored Digital Learning Solutions with Motivait

Each digital solution is tailored to your organisational needs and goals.

Map Objectives

Easy to map objectives and learning outcomes with learning goals that can be adapted to be run over short or long time periods.


Employees can explore engaging but realistic narratives, that foster both soft and practical skills development while learning and testing corporate concepts.

Gamified Elements

Strategically embedded gamified elements such as leader boards, quizzes and progress bars ensure learners are engaged throughout.

Easy to use
We place great importance on following accessibility & UX best practices so that our solutions feel intuitive and easy to follow.​

Empowering clients with valuable analysis and insights, our solutions enable informed decision-making and facilitates optimised learning outcomes. ​

Track Progress

Our easy-to-use admin portal allows facilitators to effortlessly track progress, monitor interaction, and manage tasks and users.

24/7 support

We provide 24/7 customer support, ensuring any enquiries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Hybrid learning

Solutions lend themselves perfectly to integrate into hybrid learning situations and can be built to closely follow or support in person training.

Welcome to the Company

Welcome all new employees to the company with an engaging and interactive onboarding experience. Foster connections between team members and equip new hires with the resources and information they need to settle in and contribute to the company’s success.

Reinforcing Purpose and Values

Bring your organization’s purpose, vision, and values to life by creating engaging experiences that showcase their benefits and embed them into your culture. This aligns your team around a shared set of values and goals, reinforces the importance of your mission, and helps to build a more cohesive and committed team.

Revitalizing Learning

Simplify your operational procedures and processes by presenting key information in easily digestible formats. Avoid lengthy and unengaging presentations that may cause important topics to go overlooked. Instead, deliver critical information in a compelling, relevant, and interesting way to ensure that your team not only reads but also understands and applies it effectively. Don’t let a lengthy manual hinder your operational success.

Encouraging innovation

Create a culture of innovation in your organization by enabling open dialogue among employees and providing channels for them to share, comment and provide feedback on new ideas. This fosters the development and distribution of innovative solutions, increases the likelihood of discovering valuable new ideas, and promotes a sense of ownership and collaboration among employees, leading to a more engaged and empowered workforce.

Enhancing Teamwork

Encourage knowledge transfer and collaboration within your team by creating fun and engaging competitions that reward learning and incentivise knowledge-sharing. This fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement while promoting teamwork and a sense of achievement.

Providing Engaging & Educational Experiences

Through innovative learning engagement solutions, you can achieve:

  • Collaborative participation and teamwork amongst employees
  • Employee confidence, understanding and awareness​
  • Engagement through game elements focused on learning and knowledge retention​
  • ​Embedded institution values and objectives​
  • A sense of community and belonging ​
  • Encouraged autonomous and independent learning​

A Case Study – Digital Onboarding Solution

Zebra Island was created as an immersive, gamified solution to take new employees at Zebra Technologies through essential corporate information in a fun and engaging way.

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