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Digital transformation to optimise the omnichannel experience for customers

Tendam is a leading global fashion retailer in the “Premium Mass Market” segment that brings together the Women’Secret, Springfield, Cortefiel, Pedro del Hierro, Hoss Intropia, Slowlove, High Spirits, Dash and Stars, OOTO, HI&BYE, Springfield Kids and Fifty brands with almost 2,000 points of sale spread across more than 90 countries.

Despite operating in demanding markets, with constantly evolving customer habits and fierce competition, Tendam’s business results show that the group is successfully establishing an omnichannel model that is delivering value, stability and profitability.

The challenge

With the customer at the centre of its strategy at all times, Tendam implements technological solutions that can facilitate an even closer interaction with its members, help to generate a strong emotional bond, personalise the relationship and provide a differentiated omnichannel service with a holistic vision.

In addition, aware that customers who buy both online and in-store are typically more engaged and spend more than those who interact with a brand through just a single channel, Tendam sought a new Customer Engagement & Loyalty solution within its digital transformation strategy to achieve the following initial objectives:

  • Increase the active members within each of its loyalty schemes.
  • Increase the geographic scope of its loyalty and promotional programmes.
  • Develop the omnichannel experience by linking more interactions with individual clients.
  • Offer promotions and loyalty programs at the point of sale across all channels.
  • Strengthen engagement through personalised and relevant communications and promotions as a critical part of the customer experience.
  • Integrate mobile as a channel that can provide ease of interaction and purchase.

“Our loyalty club members are one of Tendam’s greatest assets: more than 24 million members benefit from an integrated omnichannel strategy that is based on an advanced digital proposition supported by a network of efficient and profitable stores with highly trained staff”.

President and CEO, Jaume Miquel,

The experience

To support this omnichannel vision, Tendam chose Motivait as their strategic technology partner for customer loyalty.

The new Customer Engagement & Loyalty solution’s prominent features include:

  • The ability to address customers with relevant and personalised offers in real time at the point of sale and across all channels. Marketing teams can set up and model promotions in minutes, increasing their agility in responding to changing market conditions and improving resource efficiency.
  • The development and launch of a series of new mobile applications (APPs) for each brand, integrating m-Commerce with the Loyalty schemes, opening a new engagement channel and creating personalised and coherent experiences for its members.

The solution integrates the environments of mobile, e-Commerce and the physical stores, so that customers, in addition to making purchases directly from their device, also have immediate access to their history of online and off-line transactions, vouchers or points, notifications, store locations, stock availability and product information. Non-member customers are also offered a simple and quick way to join one or more of the loyalty clubs to benefit from their attractive advantages.

Tendam continue to enrich their omnichannel customer experience, with further initiatives that deliver more personalisation and innovation integrated with their loyalty programmes including the use of AI, online reservations for subsequent purchases and multi-brand store pickup.

Through its Member get Member functionality, Tendam presents opportunities for members to join and introduce others to any club, offer and obtain special products or services, unlocking prizes, discounts or exclusive invitations.

Together, it forms part of Tendam’s commitment to continuously provide value and support omnichannel customer engagement by combining their investment in leading-edge technology with a constant focus on the user experience.

“The new solution is at the centre of our omnichannel strategy, supporting our growing number of loyalty club members and their geographic spread while driving meaningful and valued interactions with customers across different channels. We have been able to increase our effectiveness in promotions, strengthen our engagement through mobile and create more precise customer profiles that further enhance our ability to offer more personalised and relevant communications,”

Pedro Esquivias, Chief Customer Officer of Tendam.

Developing the solution

The initial solution was designed, developed and implemented in less than 9 months, including the migration of some 20 million existing members to the Motivait platform, without a single interruption in service or any adverse impact on the customer experience.

The Customer Engagement & Loyalty solution has enabled the marketing teams of each brand to:

  • Manage their loyalty clubs and optimise promotions for multiple markets through a single intuitive interface, increasing marketing speed and agility in a highly competitive environment.
  • Closely track customer interactions in real time across all channels and markets: including purchases, accumulation and redemption of points, discounts, offers and returns. This allows them to instantly identify the best promotion available for each customer at the point of purchase.
  • Quickly and easily configure, validate and manage promotions – including both personalised promotions for loyalty club members according to their profile and universal promotions for all customers depending on the contents of their basket – to optimise value and relevance for all customers.
  • Combine countless variables and personalise interactions to each customer’s specific characteristics – points, discounts, vouchers, offers, returns, etc; – seamlessly and in real time.

Tendam’s loyalty solution has also met two fundamental demands for clubs: to obtain high performance in all areas of application with more efficient costs, and to improve usability or user experience (UX), both in operation and in the configuration of promotions, customer service and reporting. By integrating the CRM of the company, transactions are consolidated, which provides valuable information to deepen the customer profile or make decisions.

“For a company like Tendam, it is essential to work with a very reliable, scalable and robust solution that is capable of delivering an excellent service for the many millions of customers who interact with us every day.
It is a huge responsibility and we could not take a risk with a solution or service partner that was not able to perform at the highest level. We are confident that we have a solution and a technological partner that can support our vision, brands and initiatives.”

Rocío Cantero, Project Manager, Department of Organization and Systems.

“We were looking for a strategic partner that demonstrated the necessary innovation, agility and creativity to meet our strategy of placing the customer and their needs at the centre of our business, but who also offered a scalable, secure and totally reliable solution that had the flexibility to develop in the future to support our evolving Customer Engagement vision.”

states Enrique Martin, IT & Systems Director of Tendam.

Closer to the customer

The mobile APPs of Women’secret, Springfield, Hoss Intropia, Cortefiel and Pedro del Hierro were designed from the outset as innovative and attractive environments that could offer information according to different user profiles. Not only do they facilitate brand proximity for the user, but they also can provide an active channel of bilateral communication, generating personalized notifications with exclusive or geolocation related content and enabling easy access to all relevant information as well as making the purchase process very easy. The user interface benefits from a carefully thought-out, agile and operationally optimal UX design to encourage customer “engagement” with the application.

With ever increasing competition and multiple options available to customers, Tendam is taking on the challenge of establishing engagement strategies that can build sustainable emotional bonds by providing consistent high-quality and valuable experiences throughout the customer journey.

The company continues to develop its engagement initiatives, always keeping the customer at the heart of its innovation, by developing an environment for dialogue and interaction that helps it better understand each customer, their needs and preferences in order to be best positioned to offer them what they are looking for at all times.

As an example of this customer centric approach, sustainability at Tendam is not a recent or incidental fashion and is already integrated into its entire value proposition. As an example, just from a product point of view, Tendam brands have been developing complete collections for decades using organic, sustainable and recycled materials.

“The customer’s voice is clear: they want the best of the physical world and the best of the digital world with the possibility of interacting with our brands at any time, place or way and through any channel or device. At Tendam, we want to respond to this need by offering quality in the transaction, coherent experiences and a superior consumer engagement.”

Jaume Miquel, President and CEO of Tendam..


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