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How to articulate EVP

Delivering & Exploring Employer Branded Experiences So – you have begun your own company-wide introspection to define your Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Maybe you’ve already got the definition agreed upon and you’re ready to release it into the world. Before you start printing out posters, it’s first time to think about the actual delivery and […]

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Gamification and Games Based Learning

Play and games have been associated with formal learning since the times of Plato in ancient Greece. Today we can see an increasing trend towards the use of games and game-like experiences within education, both of children and adults. For the most part, these experiences come in two flavours. The first is that of Games […]


“A Pick ‘n’ Mix bag of Treats”

Week 7 into my new role at Motivait, as Engagement Solution Consultant, and it’s about time to share some of the great early experiences! A highlight that immediately comes to mind has to be my first unforgettable team trip to the Madrid office. I vividly remember reflecting on the first evening on how authentic, welcoming […]